Vitro Europe is a rapidly expanding, privately owned company registered in England and Wales. Specializing in the distribution of technical software for Engineering Document Management, Non-Interruptible Road Traffic and Disruption Management, Weather Station and Radar Management, 3D Modelling and other specialized software for technical industries.

One of the most significant parts of our business is the launching of software projects developed by our partners and local teams within various international markets.

Our research and development teams based in Eastern Europe, India and China allows our company to control development costs whilst maintaining the highest standards in software development. Being disconnected from the global sales and financial markets, local software development companies based in developing countries are usually undervalued and therefore have a great potential for investment.

With the help of Vitro Europe, local companies can establish an international presence and sales followed by a possible IPO or strategic acquisition.

Vitro Europe Ltd is an exclusive distributor of Vitro Software Ltd. for the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

VitroCAD® – an Engineering Data Management System that allows companies to significantly improve their data management practices, making life easier for both designers and engineers. Based on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server, VitroCAD® enables efficient collaborative workflow whilst maintaining a high level of security. VitroCAD® is distributed via our partners – our greatest assets and most valued associates.

Vitro Europe distribute Santex Ltd. – solutions in Non-Interruptible Road Traffic and Disruption Management, Weather Station and Radar Management, SantexTech Embedded and Visualization Servers.

Vitro Europe works with GrabSoft in 3D technical modelling and vizualization for 3D Max software.

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