3D Model Production for 3D Max software

The latest technical devices need to be designed as 3D models before full scale production can begin and that means a tremendous number of 3D objects will be created by technical designers. As the number of production models used in the design of something as common as the car exceeds hundreds of thousands, the situation becomes even more complicated when you need to visualize an older or classic vehicle or machine.

This classic Moskvich 412 vehicle pictured doesn’t have a 3D production model in the CAD format, however you can still manage to produce a model for 3D Max visualization purposes.

Sometimes, this kind of modelling cannot be completed without a full-time team and thousands of man-hours; making the task possible but you are left facing quality control, cost and time issues.

Vitro Europe works with a number of companies that specialize in 3D modelling. We can offer you a wide variety of 3D modelling solutions, both standard and made-to-order along with the highest level in quality and convenience.

Electric Diesel Power Supply 3D Model

V8 Engine 3D Model

3D model of maintenance vechile changing diesel engine 

3D model of maintenance vechile on the rail carriage

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