GANTRY ETC Service Management

Nowadays ETC – the latest Electronic Traffic Control systems play one of the most important roles in motorway operation. ETC active elements include cameras, sensors, displays and data transmitting units based on gantries providing real time data about traffic and road conditions. Even gantries themselves have become more and more overburdened requiring additional attention and control from highway maintenance units. Highways agencies across the world are constantly looking for the ability to reduce the cost of gantry ownership, whilst on the other hand increase gantry life-cycles without putting road worker lives at risk.

Belarus Minsk M1 motorway gantry with ETC station in operation

Ganrty Minsk M1 motorway

Losing even one gantry in an ETC system can cause huge problems for traffic management. Here a fallen gantry in 2005 on the M1 motorway caused severe congestion on roads leading to major traffic diversions following the closure.

Gantry crashes

Vitro’s ETC service system provides access to data from a number of sensors installed on the gantry and analyzes the gantry’s operational condition. GPS, weather, vibration and road surface information from the gantry sensors can be analyzed by ETC systems providing pro-active control and maintenance response while reducing the number of operational highway management units needed.

Gantry maintenance

Vitro ETC software is compatible with KAPSCH toll equipment.