Vitro Europe is the leading supplier of ETC monitoring, automated processing and remote control software for Route Information Panels and Variable Message Signs (VMS) for traffic guidance and information purposes.

Vitro Europe VMS software for Road Information Stations and Variable Message Signs (VMS) creates the balance between the optimal quality in signalization and data broadband by analyzing changing data and is used for dynamic traffic management on motorways, traffic guidance in tunnels, lane control and lane assignment. 

Our VMS display software allows highways agencies to improve safety and warn of upcoming hazards and black spots, traffic delays and congestions, toll stations and tunnel speed limits.

VMS software allows highways agencies to combine LED color displays with flashers and alphanumerical text sections.

Depending on the weather conditions VMS software analyze brightness level and can set up predefined vision settings for brilliant legibility, efficient use of energy and an excellent luminance ratio at low sun position.

Automatic spelling recognition alarm system prevents any funny and dangerous situations like in the picture on your left.

Supported TYPES of Route Information Panels:

– Variable Message Signs (VMS) for speed indication, general warning route/ re-routing information, vehicle category indication, general warning, height and weight restrictions and more;

– Lane Control Sign and Flashers;

– Programmable text lines.