Traffic Management Center

The Traffic Management Center is where virtual and real time situations intersect, this software combines all information on motorways, roads, streets, rush-hour, bridges and tunnels from different sectors of a region. Its goal is to optimize the safety and efficiency of traffic flow.

Traffic managers continuously monitor the road conditions and traffic loads on them. The Traffic Management Center gathers all traffic information delivered by radio, internet, GSM or broadband channels and alternative route information is provided and active management is organized. Vitro Europe is specialized in this area of software technology and provides services and solutions beginning with advice to realization and maintenance for total Traffic Management Solutions across the globe.

Standard TMC objectives:

– Maximize the carrying capacity of the existing road system,

– Minimize the impact of road incidents, delays and congestions,

– Regulate on demand priority of way,

– Provisions for the emergency services,

– Create and maintain public development plans.

The Traffic Management System can facilitate up to 180 fixed and speed-dome cameras at traffic signals or densely populated areas such as bus stops and commercial districts. These are networked through dedicated optic fibre cables and wireless systems.

The police can monitor the signals on the personal LCD screens at the police cars. The traffic police are also given GSM-enabled tablets devices to get information on a vehicle. When a policemen on the road reads the vehicle number in the device, it gets all details of the vehicle. 

Video sensors can be installed at junctions to detect white-line crossing and can be used for detecting speeding, objects in crowded places, and the violation of no-entry signs.

The number of personnel required to monitor from the control room can be reduced since the process of taking images, storing them in the database and generating alarms can be automated. Specialized software can connect a control room to any given regional or national transport database and help in obtaining vehicle details.
TMC is a complex software solution that includes such software modules as:

– VitroTECH traffic analyzer for working with extensive recorded traffic data and provide up-to-date traffic predictions,

– VMS multiple displays network providing of real time information

– RWIS information distribution

– Gantry ETC software for service and maintenance

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