VITROTECH Traffic DATA Analyzer is a real-time software system designed to effectively support the operation of Traffic Management Centers.

Important VITROTECH features include:

  • Dynamic estimation of road network conditions,
  • Generates information and predictions of the progression of traffic conditions over time,
  • Simulates trips and generates detailed vehicle trajectories,
  • Intelligently utilizes prior data, surveillance and sensors to generate reliable predictions in real-time,
  • Analyzes scenarios for incidents, weather conditions, motorway construction etc,
  • Generates information for drivers,
    Optimizes the operation of TMCs through the supply of real-time predictions,
  • Efficient operation of Variable Message Signs (VMS),
  • Real-time incident management and control,
  • Evaluates alternative traffic signals.

VITROTECH software works on industrial Ethernet network solutions and has been adopted to road transport infrastructures, providing centralized traffic management monitoring and control for administrators at traffic monitoring centers. Fiber optic usage manages to construct a reliable network with minimal incidents to ensure uninterruptible data transmission.

VITROTECH software can analyze vehicles and data continuously for 24 hours with 15 min intervals. Categorizing vehicles in any of the predefined groups such as cars, minibuses, trucks and trailers and categorizing vehicles as light or heavy vehicles.

The software can calculate Average Traffic Quantity and Average Vehicle Speed, store data for a designated time and alert the relevant personnel when traffic volume or vehicle speed crosses pre-set parameters.

VITROTECH provides road weather information for highway maintenance services, displays this information and allows them to react pro-actively to weather hazards. As seen here: