Combines all data in one manageable Traffic Management Center screen

Weather measurement software provides road weather information for highways maintenance services, displays this information and allows them to react pro-actively to weather hazards. As seen here:

An effective and efficient winter maintenance service is only possible when reliable and accurate information about weather conditions is available at the appropriate times throughout the decision making process. Weather measurement software utilises the best weather forecast information currently available from comparable providers to ensure that decisions are based on the most accurate data available. 

This service is specifically designed to assist highway authorities with winter maintenance service activities. Precautionary salting will take place on scheduled precautionary salting routes. This is carried out on a pre-planned basis to prevent the formation of ice, frost and the accumulation of snow on motorway surfaces and pedestrian areas. 

Post salting will take place on scheduled precautionary salting routes for the treatment of ice, frost and snow that has already formed on motorway or footway surfaces. 

Post salting may also be required on roads or sections of road outside of the scheduled precautionary salting routes.